Double Star Research, Instrumentation, & Education

305 page book containing 13 chapters

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Edited by
Jacob Haas

Assistant Editors
Meghan Legg, Sabrina Smith, & Hope Moseley

Foreword by
Lola Berber-Jimenez
Chair, Liberal Studies
California Polytechnic State University

Published by
The Collins Foundation Press - 2016

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Led by astronomer Russell Genet, five physics and two liberal studies majors from the California Polytechnic State University participated in a summer research seminar. True to California Polytechnic State University’s “Learn by Doing” motto, the students formed several teams and undertook a number of projects relating to one of Genet’s fields of expertise—visual binary stars; a subject new to many on the team. Joining with the students were a number of outside experts, the teams completed projects ranging from visual and CCD observations of visual double stars to projects as ambitious as building an telescope’s optical tube assembly. Two graduate mechanical engineering students even shared their projects with the students. This volume of 13 papers is a report on the summer’s projects.


About the Editor's

Jacob Hass is a physics major at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo. He grew up in nearby Atascadero, and is a graduate of Atascadero High School. Besides being a participant in five of the summer’s projects, Jacob spent much of his spare time after the seminar was completed, editing the papers. Jacob has had a long-standing interest in astronomy. He plans on continuing his research while at Cal Poly and hopes to attend graduate school majoring in astronomy or astrophysics.

Assistant Editors Meghan Legg, Sabrina Smith, and Hope Moseley are Graphic Communications majors at California State Polytechnic University and contributed their talents to all phases of text and cover editing, and graphic design and implementation.

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  Introduction: Cal Poly Summer 2015 Astronomy Research and Development Seminar
  Russell Genet

  Albireo: 260 Years of Astrometric Observations  
  Jacob Hass, Kevin Phung,
Joseph Carro, Emily Hock, Donald Loveland,
  Tristan Nibbe, Zoe Sharp, Jenny Smit, & Russell Genet

  Detecting Faint Secondary Stars with Shaped Aperture Masks  
  Donald Loveland, Edward Foley, Russell Genet, Neil Zimmerman, David Rowe, Richard Harshaw, & Jimmy Ray

  Intensifiers: A Low Cost Solution for Observing Faint Double Stars? 
  Jacob Hass, Kevin Phung, & Jenny Smit

  Newtonian 17.5-inch Optical Tube Assembly
  Kevin Phung, Jacob Hass, Victor Chen, Kevin Thompson, and Russell Genet

  Thirteen Potential Short-Arc Binaries Observed at Kitt Peak National Observatory
  Richard Harshaw, Russell Genet, Jacob Hass, and Kevin Phung

Being a Scientist While Teaching Science: Implementing Undergraduate Research: Opportunities for Elementary Educators                                                                                       

  Emily Hock and Zoë Sharp

  Incorporating Remote Robotic Telescopes into an Elementary Classroom Setting 
  Zoë Sharp and Emily Hock 

Mt Wilson 100-inch Speckle Interferometry Engineering Checkout
  Russell M. Genet, David Rowe, Thomas Meneghini, Robert Buchheim, Reed Estrada, Chris Estrada,
  Pat Boyce, Grady Boyce, John Ridgely, Niels Smidth, Richard Harshaw, & John Kenney

Speckle Interferometry of Close Visual Binaries with the ZW Optical ASI 224MC CMOS Camera 

Russell Genet, David Rowe, Clif Ashcraft, Sam Wen, Gregory Jones,Benoit Schillings, Richard Harshaw, Jimmy Ray, & 
  Jacob Hass

  Speckle Interferometry with a Low Read-Noise CMOS Video Camera
  Clif Ashcraft

  Sparse-Aperture Quasi-Meridian Telescopes
  Russell Genet, David Rowe, Matthew Clause, John Ridgeyl, Tong Lui, Reed Estrada, Christopher Estrada, Michael 
  Nidetz, Bruce Holenstein, John Kenney, Niels Smidth, & Jacob Hass

  Sparse Aperture Telescope Active Optics  
  Matthew Clause

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